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The Former British P&O Flag ship Canberra has arrived at a scrap heap in Pakistan to be stripped down.

Her illustrious career included a tour of duty during the Falklands war after operating as a world renowned cruise liner.

After being decommissioned, she was purchased by a Pakistani ship breaker for 280 (m) million rupees (6.3 (m) million dollars).

Affectionately known as the Great White Whale, the Canberra now stands in her moorings at the Gadani Shipyard, near Karachi in Pakistan.

Originally, she was built at a cost of 17 (m) pounds sterling, and when launched in March 1960, was the largest British post-war passenger ship.

During that decade she carried out cruises and liner voyages to Australia – whose capital city she was named after – transporting emigrating Britons.

In the 1970s she became a full time cruise ship.

In 1982, Canberra was requisitioned by the Ministry of Defence, converted by the military, and served a 94 day tour of duty during the Falklands war.

But the glory days are over for her now – as can be seen by the deserted decks and dilapidated interior.

She is gradually being taken apart by shipbreakers at this wreckers yard in Pakistan.

The Gadani Shipyard bought Canberra for 280 (m) million rupees (6.3 (m) million dollars).

The shipbreaking industry in Pakistan has been suffering a decline in recent years.

This is due primarily to a lack of demand, but also, competitors such as India offer lower prices.

The Gadani Shipyard has found an illustrious addition to its fold, in the Canberra.

Her value will now be measured ashore by the shipbreakers who are stripping her of her fixtures, fittings, and in time, her grandeur.

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